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ONELAW CHAMBERS is a multi-disciplinary law firm specialising mainly in Immigration and Civil Litigation that prides itself in being accessible, user-friendly and innovative legal service with a network of specialist members of qualified London solicitors and barristers in independent practice.

Located in the heart of London’s legal district, OneLaw Chambers and its Immigration and Civil Litigation lawyers provide a specialist and bespoke legal service in Civil and Commercial Litigation, Business Immigration, Personal Immigration, Landlord and Tenant and Probate matters to all types of clients from large corporate organisations to individual members of the public.

Our immigration lawyers UK at OneLaw Chambers immigration lawyers London branch are some of the best immigration lawyers in the country. All of our London immigration lawyers are fully qualified Immigration Solicitors and Barristers and have significant years of experience in the practice of UK immigration law and high rates of success. We believe that everyone should be able to access reliable and professional immigration advice and assistance.

Our team of Top Immigration Lawyers in London offer assistance with all UK immigration matters including both personal and corporate business immigration issues, from UK Family and Relationship Based Visa applications, to help with hiring overseas workers. Our services include legal advice, application help, fast-track application services and assistance with appeals. We also provide urgent consultations for those facing human rights issues such as deportation and urgent Immigration Appeal and Judicial Review. Our immigration lawyers are highly knowledgeable about the UK immigration rules and can assist with even the most complex immigration matters.

We work across all areas of UK immigration law including matters related to British citizenship, Indefinite Leave to Remain, Family and Spouse Visas , Skilled Worker VisasGraduate Visas, High Potential Individual Visas, Global Talent Visas and much more.

At OneLaw Chambers, we are dedicated to meeting all of the immigration needs of our clients, which is why we dedicate ourselves towards employing a specialist and expert team of Immigration Lawyers in London that are always available to handle even the most complex immigration issues.

Business and Personal Immigration: Our specialist immigration services include (but are not limited to): Investor Visa, Start Up and Innovator Entrepreneur Visa, Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence, Skilled Worker Work Visas, Spouse Visa, Unmarried Partner Visa, Student Visa, Indefinite Leave to Remain, British Citizenship, Administrative Review, Immigration Appeal and Judicial Review.

OneLaw Chambers provides Immigration Lawyers London who are well-versed in complex business litigations and immigration laws. This means they are capable of handling all disputes arising in the context of business. Various aspects of business litigation involve joint and partnership disputes, breach of contract, business torts and class actions. However, our immigration solicitors London also specialise in personal litigation for immigrants. This means that they can handle different personal disputes that involve compensating the affected party for losses due to negligence or accident from the other involved party. Here, our Immigration Lawyers UK seek to recover compensation in the form of monetary judgments.

OneLaw Chamber’s Immigration Solicitors London are highly trained in how they represent their advocacy in the court for their immigration clients. Our Immigration Lawyers London apart from being professional are also officers of the court. They play an important role in the administration of justice. They maintain their court duties and fundamental obligations according to the bounds of the adversarial system. For fulfilling these complex responsibilities imposed on Immigration Lawyers UK as court officers, maintaining a practical and meaningful environment of independence is important. The UK Society depends on an independent strong legal profession and the Immigration Lawyers London of OneLaw Chambers are well-versed in presenting advocacy in the court.

Civil and Commercial Litigation: ONELAW CHAMBERS has dedicated team of Litigation Solicitors and Barristers specialising in a broad range of civil litigation matters.

Advocacy and Court Representation: ONELAW CHAMBERS has a dedicated team of Barristers and Court Advocates that are able to analyse complex cases at short notice and provide effective representation at court.

Our firm's Barristers and Court Advocates can quickly grasp the legal issues in your case, provide you with the best and effective legal advice on the strengths and merits of your case and provide you with the best court representation to achieve successful results.

ONELAW CHAMBERS tailors its legal advice to meet the needs and requirements of its clients to ensure clients receive cost effective legal solutions with optimum and successful results.


What Our Clients Have To Say

A* solicitor, deserves a 10 star rating.

Amazing solicitor, managed to help out in urgent circumstances, super quick response time, instantly improved legal situations. Very understanding and super courteous. Can’t recommend highly enough. A* solicitor, deserves a 10 star rating.

Aymen Ben Hassine

Your first choice for any immigration issues.

Aejaz was absolutely brilliant, he really managed to put the immigration officers in their place when they weren't following correct procedure. Cannot express enough gratitude towards his work, and the outcomes achieved. Would highly recommend, even in urgent circumstances was incredibly professional, polite and to the point. He should be your first choice for any immigration issues.

Aqib Mikail Zahid



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Our office opening hours are 9:00am to 9:00pm every day. So, we at OneLaw Chambers are happy to see you at our offices or by telephone appointment after 5.00pm or on weekends. Please note that higher fees may apply for appointments after 5.00pm or on weekends.

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OneLaw Chambers is able to provide solicitors and barristers to represent court hearings in various types of legal cases, even at short notice. We ask that you immediately complete our Book a Hearing form providing as much detail as possible so that we can send our best solicitor and barrister to represent your court hearing. Please note that higher fees may apply for short notice court hearing representation.

I would like to apply for a visa to enter the UK. How do make the application and what do I need to submit in support of the application?

Our solicitors and barristers have a high success rate on UK Immigration and Visa applications and appeals. Unlike other law firms we do not use a generic documents list, every documents list we draft is tailor made and bespoke to our clients circumstances. Our solicitors and barristers understand the importance of providing the requisite evidence with your visa application or UKVI appeal. You can contact us and schedule a meeting to discuss extensively on the documents required and corresponding issues.

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We are a leading law firm located in Temple Inns of Court with specialist solicitors and barristers that will work on your case, guide you through the entire process, provide you with a stress-free and friendly experience and achieve successful results. Our team of lawyers are skilled with providing constructive advice and equipped with knowledge of the ever-changing and complex law. Our solicitors and barristers will assess your circumstances and then advise you on the best options available to you. If you have a legal matter and want expert legal advice, we invite you to contact us so we can assess your case. We can subsequently provide urgent help, advice or representation to clients from our expert legal team of leading UK solicitors and barristers. Just call or email us now; our London lawyers team are waiting to help.