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The legal team at OneLaw Chambers is well equipped to conduct legal research, analyse complex face patterns and present persuasive arguments in legal memos and briefs within a short period of time. The quality of legal research and writing is that of the highest standard as we are regularly instructed by corporations, high net worth individuals and international clients. Our solicitors and barristers all studied at highly reputable universities in the UK and have a firm grasp on not only practical legal research but also scholarly publications. 

OneLaw Chambers and its legal research services 

Our expert solicitors and barristers specialise in carrying out legal research for suitable cases, statutes and stipulations. They meticulously sift through data by means of various research tools readily available with us. Consistent self-study of new laws, and additional training from our legal supervisors strengthens our team’s analytical abilities and detail-oriented methodology.

OneLaw Chambers and its opinion writing services 

Whether you want a detailed opinion on your current legal position or just simply want to understand a new point of law, our lawyers are able to tell you exactly what you need to know. The opinion will come in the form of a letter expressing legal conclusions about and/or legal analysis of a transaction or matter of your choice. This letter can be relied on by you to further your business or personal interests. 

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Why instruct OneLaw Chambers to write your legal research and opinion pieces? 

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers will fiercely and tenaciously represent you in putting forward the strongest possible case, ensuring that you are always satisfied with the manner in which we carry out our research and that a successful outcome is achieved in your case without significant cost and expense to you.

We are committed to ensuring that our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers research every legislation, nuance points of law or other requests with utmost quality and skill so that a satisfactory outcome is achieved every time. Our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers operate in a friendly and cooperative manner to provide our clients with the best client care and service during the entire research and opinion writing process.


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