Legal Drafting of Pleadings, Contracts and Other Legal Documents

OneLaw Chambers can get your legal documents drafted quickly and stress-free. Our team of expert lawyers guarantees the documents will be well drafted to ensure each party’s rights are protected and free of uncertainty. We offer affordable packages for start-ups and small businesses.

Our services are also suitable for litigants in person or anyone who has had a lawyer but for whatever reason no longer appoint them and are in need of professional legal services to draft pleadings, contracts and other legal documents on short notice. 

Legal Drafting of Pleadings 

At the beginning of every litigation court case the person bringing the action and the person responding to the allegations must issue and serve different legal documents within a specific time period. There are strict rules on how such documents can be drafted, failing to comply with the rules can have serious consequences.

OneLaw Chambers and its expert solicitors and barristers have experience in drafting Statements of Case including Particulars of Claim; Claim Forms; Defence and Counterclaim documents; and Witness statements. Our lawyers can identify the elementary legal foundation of the case and skillfully articulate the information succinctly into a legal document that complies with the civil procedure rules.

Drafting Contracts 

Whether you are a sole trader, partnership, limited company or simply a private client who found themselves in the thick of it, OneLaw Chambers are well equipped to help you solve your legal headaches. 

Our Contract Drafting services include, but are not limited to: 

  • Employment Contracts
  • Service Contracts 
  • Order for the sale of goods Contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements 
  • Confidentiality and Invention Assignment Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Leases 
  • Loan Agreements

Why you should appoint OneLaw Chambers to draft Pleadings, Contracts and other legal documents 

Our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers will fiercely and tenaciously represent you in putting forward the strongest possible case, ensuring that you are always satisfied with the manner in which we carry out our research/ drafting and that a successful outcome is achieved in your case without significant cost and expense to you.

We are committed to ensuring that our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers draft every statement of case, contracts or other legal documents with utmost quality and skill so that a satisfactory outcome is achieved every time. Our Civil Litigation Solicitors and Barristers operate in a friendly and cooperative manner to provide our clients with the best client care and service during the entire drafting process.


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