Process Server and Service of Documents – Inside and outside the UK Jurisdiction

In the early stages of a litigation claim the Claimant must arrange to deliver legal documents to an individual or party named in the action. The purpose of process service is to place the defendant on notice that an action has begun or that a relevant document has been filed in the case. Depending on where the defendant is located, the service of documents must comply with specific rules and strict time limits in accordance with the relevant jurisdiction. 

Process Server and Service of Documents inside the UK

Our services in relation to the Service of Documents inside the England and Wales jurisdiction includes: 

  • Filing of a claim form as a protective claim on short notice in any London Court  
  • Print out and compile a hardcopy bundle in accordance with the specifications and deliver it to the appropriate London Court 
  • Express delivery service of hardcopy bundles available at any time between 10:30- 17:00 to London Courts only
  • Frank and post court documents to the defendant’s address with tracking 
  • Serving bankruptcy and winding up petitions documents
  • Serving divorce papers 
  • Applying for a court order for sale of a property

Process Server and Service of Documents outside the UK

We also deliver court documents internationally. Our team is experienced in navigating cross-border rules and multi-jurisdictional circumstances. Get in touch today to find out more about our international services.    

Once the notice is served on the defendant the onus is on the defendant to comply with the court order. 

Why appoint OneLaw Chambers as your process server inside and outside the UK?

At OneLaw Chambers, our process servers regularly deliver court documents or hardcopy bundles, often instructed at the last minute. We are trusted by law firms, corporate organisations and individuals with the delivery of their papers.

Our process servers are diligent, experienced and trusted by many, our efforts ensure that you are always satisfied with the manner in which we help you and that a successful outcome is achieved in your case without significant cost and expense to you.

We are committed to ensuring that our process servers prepare every document with utmost quality and skill so that a successful outcome is achieved every time. Our process servers operate in a friendly and cooperative manner to provide our clients with the best client care and service during the entire case process.


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