January 24

The skilled worker visa is the new solution to the care home staff shortage

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The UK Skilled Worker in the care home industry is in crisis because of staffing shortages. In August 2021, there were reports that the care home industry is currently facing a shortage of 105,000 workers. The demand for care home workers will continue to rise as the country’s elderly population is set to reach 71 million in 2030.

The new initiative: Skilled worker visa

To meet the shortage of staff problem, the government added care workers to the Shortage of Occupation List in December 2021. This means it is easier for the UK care home employers to employ overseas care workers under the Skilled Workers Visa route. Normally, UK companies listed on the Register of Worker and Temporary worker licence sponsors list can recruit overseas workers in specific occupations listed on the eligible occupations list. You can read all about the Skilled Workers Visa in our article here. However, since care workers are now added to the shortage of occupation list this means care workers can be paid 80%  of the job’s usual going rate to qualify for a Skilled Worker visa.

What does this mean for care homes in the UK?

This is great news for care homes across the country because it is now easier to satisfy the requirements for the Skilled Worker Visa and therefore easier to hire care workers to fill in the staff shortage gap. 

Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa with OneLaw Chambers

It is important for you to take legal advice from our experienced Immigration Solicitors and Barristers. This is to ensure that you are applying under the correct immigration route for the UK Skilled Worker Visa Application and that you meet all the eligibility requirements. The reason why this is so important is that if you are unsuccessful in applying for the UK Skilled Worker Visa Application, your application may be significantly delayed.

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