100% recommend this firm to anyone looking for exemplary, faultless legal counsel. My case was one of civil litigation, having had a CCJ served a year ago. This was preventing me from getting a mortgage and every law firm I spoke to confirmed it would at this point be impossible to have overturned. I spoke to Mr Aejaz Mussa of One Law Chambers who also advised me that it would be difficult so late on to have a CCJ set aside. He was willing to try however and I think this was in part because he appreciated my situation and the gravity of it.
Communication with both Mr Mussa and his office throughout was exceptional. I did not expect to be able to discuss things whenever I needed to and for however I long I needed to with someone I imagine to be a very busy professional. At times I would call the office and Mr Mussa would be available on the phone to talk through my query, albeit on his way to or back from court.
Timeframes were surprisingly quick, which was important for me with regards to buying a property, but not something that I had expected. I had expected this sort of legal challenge to take some time to be set aside, and it was wrapped up in less than 3/12 from me contacting One Law Chambers to receiving notice from the courts that the CCJ had been set aside.
This incredible experience has changed my life. I was given the advice that a CCJ would remain on my file and continue to quite markedly hamper my chances of a mortgage for at least another 4 years. Mr Mussa, his team have and One Law Chambers have made it possible for me to buy a property that I can call home immediately.
Should I ever require legal advice/representation again I look forward to working with Mr Mussa again and will recommend him to my friends and family.